Anamorphosis (anima_fauxsis) wrote in psychonoir,

Multiple Madness!!!!

People wonder, often with much suspicion, how it is that only some clinicians see lots of D.I.D. clients while others see none. They think this means that the clinician with lots is making up the D.I.D. diagnosis.

Well, .... I am here to tell you first hand that there are other ways this can happen.

During my practicum I had one multiple client who I referred out of the clinic but then came back to me. She loved me so! And this is only because she alone recognized that I am supremely fabulous.

Somehow the word got out that I had a multiple.At this time all hell proceeded to break loose.

In the last six months I have received no less than seven direct referrals from various sources for clients who are dealing with D.I.D. and who are looking for a low fee clinician. Yes, I am the new dumping ground for the poor and the disturbed who are seeking long term relational treatment.

So far, I have accepted one new client in addition to my current one, but I may take a second because I really want another client to add to my load. That would make a total of three. The last four non-multiple referrals either did not show up to their first appointment or they went to jail for dealing after their second session. It's hard to make appointments from jail. At least my multiples show up for their sessions, even if they do attempt suicide once they get to my office simply to demonstrate how angry they are at me.

At any rate, it's checking off my little BBS boxes that really matters. Each client hour is seen as one ticket closer to freedom. One more hour closer to the time I get paid the cash monies!

And then I will be stylin' with my pimp ride and my penthouse. It's no secret that MFT therapists make BANK!

Alright, I am a masochist.

In more ways than one.

I think really should get extra client hours for this on my BBS log. I mean, ... or at least log it as family therapy. Something? Kid hours?
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