Anamorphosis (anima_fauxsis) wrote in psychonoir,

Sometimes You Just Can't Tell The Staff From The Clients

When I go into my job I have to deal with all of these people with mental health issues, ... and then I go and do work with the clients.

Case in point:

My supervisor had plans to hire someone that I and several other people think is quite flaky. This is for a position that requires a steady person. It is a overnight crisis counselor position. If they call in sick, I am on pager duty and I must fill in at the drop of a hat. I don't want to fill in on the night shift. I did that for four years and now I want to work lovely day time hours. Hours that let me live a non-sleep deprived life. Hours that let me socialize with real live humans who go out into the sunshine and buy groceries at four pm. I announced with in earshot of the agency's director that this person does not have my support for this position because she is unreliable and that we need to find another person for the job. This was a manipulative move on my part to ensure that said person will not get hired. So, my supervisor says that she will call a different person and see if they are available. She disappears into another room while I am making copies and re-emerges a few minutes later. She then announces very loudly that she has called this new person whose name shall be X, they had a conversation, and he is very interested in the job. They have set up an interview date for the job. Fabulous! I'm thrilled.

Well... I do not know what she was doing in the other room for five minutes, but it was not making phone calls. maybe she was doing some exciting nasal excavating. I later found out that my supervisor had not called the person. The next day she asked my co-worker to make contact with the very same person she told me she had already called. My co-worker was to ask them if they would like the job, and then set up an interview date for the position.

In other words, she lied to me. I should not be floored by this, but I am. It is not she first time she has lied for very odd reasons. At one time she informed one of my co-workers that I was paranoid and felt that my co-worker was trying to sabotage me. My co-worker and I talk all the time, so she knew there was no truth to this. And, even if she really really wanted to, we could not figure out a way that she actually might be able to sabotage me. We both decided that it was a projection.

At any rate, an intervention is needed. What kinds of medications would be good to grind up and sprinkle over the the morning pastries that would help quell some of these behaviors? I was thinking Ativan because it is soothing and not easily detectable intermixed with powdered sugar. But, clearly more needs to be added to the mix. Could I inject Abilify into the jelly of the donut?
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Man, skip the ativan, go straight for the zyprexa- sounds like she needs the heavy duty meds there!

Deleted comment

Hmmm.... I like the syrup idea. It will fix the potential co-worker issue and I should still have enough left over to make staff meetings enjoyable for awhile.
Hmmm personally I'd recommend an entree of Thorazine, followed by a lovely main course of Haldol mixed with Largactil finished off with a lovely dessert of Chloral Hydrate and if the candidate is still standing and able to form a word after all that he damn well deserves the job *lol*