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I just thought I would introduce myself. This should be an interesting journey.

My name is Liz and I'm RN. I am a med/surg/oncology RN with almost 5 years experience.

I lost my gig in Hurricane Katrina (links to my story on my info page).

Tonight I start my new job at a local psych hospital. 3 nights of orientation.

We are an all-inclusive treatment facility, with treatment programs for ED, children, adolescent, adult, trauma (perpetrators and victims), dual-diagnosis (alcohol and drug rehab, with other acute stuff), and partial hospitalization program.

Anyhow, I did a psych rotation in nursing school (FIVE YEARS AGO). I don't have any other psych experience (other than the psych patients that we got on the floor). I just want to be as therapeutic as I was as a med/surg nurse.

I'm fairly cynical now. This should be interesting.

Someone take me under their wing, and say hi.
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