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Dangerous jobs

I work with a nut.
He's wants to bring a gun to work and blow his brains out while sitting in front of the boss and a fellow coworker. He wants them to see what they've done to him.
He has delusions of being the son of an Apache indian chief.
He has delusions of living through the civil war as a confederate soldier, he's even written memoirs about this.
He was amicable enough in the beginning, the suicidal tendancies were dormant. Now he's over the edge. He is also constantly thinking somebody is snooping in his computer. He's gotten EXTREMELY paranoid about people in his cubicle.

Why he decided I was the person he wants to latch on to and confide in, I don't know.

I'm flypaper for freaks.

Two days ago when he started talking about the suicidal things I took my boss in conference and spilled my guts to him. The boss is taking this higher up and possibly having this man removed from work on mandatory psych leave. I've decided to take several days off work. I'm scared to death this person is going to bring that gun to work and just begin to unload.

By the way, we are government workers. He's JUST the type to go postal.

There's so much more to this but I'm so damn weary of this mess. I can't stand even being in the same room as him. I live in constant fear of him right now.
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